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First Week

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First Week
by Mike Bowden - Monday, 5 September 2016, 11:44 AM

Back to school week is an exciting time for students, staff and parents. A lot goes into making a great new school year so the staff at Dufferin have been hard at work preparing. To support an excellent school year, Dufferin is once again beginning the year with multi-aged "Den Groups". This allows our school to communicate our team approach to learning and develop student connections and intermediate leadership skills. Staff can quickly get to know students outside of their grade zone and send the message to students that we are all working together.

Equally as importantly, "Den Groups" allow staff several days of teaching our school wide expectations and expected behaviours, which is part of our overall school goals (Social Responsibility). Students have opportunities to learn/remember our school Matrix/Motto,  "Dufferin ROCKS" (R- Respectful; O - Organized; C - Caring; K - Kind; S - Safe) and practice these behaviours. By setting the students up for success and communicating these goals early, Dufferin promotes a smooth transition to curriculum and learning. 

Looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow!

Mrs. Topolovec